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CrystALaCarte News & Blogs

Free gift for Christmas!
Posted by Arnold on 6/11/2017
Avoid the "traffic jam", get ready for Christmas now and claim your free gift and 10% coupon!
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Our Valentine's Day gift to you
Posted by Arnold on 2/7/2017
A perfect crystal champagne flute for free.

Crystal champagne flute for Valentine's Day
Read More

The best price you can get
Posted by Arnold on 5/26/2016
The most sought-after Marsala wine glasses are on sale now!

Marsala Hock Wine Glasses on sale
Read More

Sale, free gift and free shipping now
Posted by Arnold on 4/28/2016
Let us introduce our Spring Treat to all of our old and new customers...

Spring sale and free crystal gift
Read More

Christmas sale is ON
Posted by Arnold on 10/27/2015
It's time to act! Christmas offer starting today!

Free crystal bell for Christmas
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Be one of the first three
Posted by Arnold on 8/14/2015
Lovely FREE napkin rings with the first THREE orders!

Free hand painted napkin rings
Read More

Unprecedented free gift
Posted by Arnold on 3/2/2015
Brand new wine glasses at an introductory price and free gifts you won't believe...

Free crystal glasses with every order above $800
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Christmas is around the corner
Posted by Arnold on 10/29/2014
Watch our latest little Christmas surprise video here.
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Free $120 gift for Christmas
Posted by Arnold on 10/21/2014
Are you ready for Christmas? We are! Browse our Christmas crystal collection, and find everything 5-10% off! PLUS we'll give you a beautiful hand-cut crystal votive holder FOR FREE.

Crystal gifts for Christmas
Read More

Posted by Arnold on 9/22/2014
Our 5% off on everything has been a HIT!
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A new beauty: Liliah vase
Posted by Arnold on 9/8/2014
You liked it on Facebook, so we have added this gorgeous light blue crystal vase to the webshop.

Liliah azzurro light blue crystal vase
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These are the wedding crystal glasses
Posted by Arnold on 6/16/2014
We are proud to present this season's wedding crystal champagne flutes!
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Grad surprise
Posted by Arnold on 6/6/2014
We'll help you pick a graduation gift for the start of a new life.

Lorella Highball Glass
Read More

For a Special Father
Posted by Arnold on 6/2/2014
Father's Day is near and with a special offer, we'd like to help you celebrate.

Erwyna Whiskey Tumbler
Read More

Surprise Mom with two gifts this year
Posted by Arnold on 4/16/2014
Everybody knows that Moms love crystal vases. Get a vase for her flowers and we will give you a ring holder for FREE.

Ajka Crystal vases
Read More

Famous and amazing embroidery in the webshop
Posted by Arnold on 3/23/2014
You don't need to travel to Europe to have original hand embroidered tablecloths and garments by world famous needlework artists of Kalocsa, Hungary. We have brought them to you on-line!

Kalocsa embroidered tablecloth
Read More

World famous embroidery can be yours
Posted by Arnold on 3/12/2014
Nicole Kidman has recently made it famous,but Hungarian folk art goes way back in history. Believe it or not, an original Kalocsa hand embroidered tablecloth can be yours for free in March! Order the crystal glassware of your choice and we'll send you one of these amazing handmade tablecloths as a gift.

Read More

Easter Crystal Egg Hunt
Posted by Arnold on 3/10/2014
New crystal eggs in the webshop and Kalocsa hand embroidery gifts for FREE. CLICK AND GET THE NEW, SPARKLING CRYSTAL EGGS 15% OFF NOW!

Easter crystal eggs
Read More

New and hip: Ajka Crystal in Frankfurt
Posted by Arnold on 2/19/2014
Do you know which one is Europe's most important consumer goods trade fair? Ajka Crystal was there, check it out.
Read More

The Top Fun Facts of 2013
Posted by Arnold on 1/22/2014
WELCOME TO 2014 and please enjoy the best of 2013 with us in a quick review of the most popular crystal pieces, the latest additions to our collection and last year's best news.

Popular crystal glasses
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Christmas Special Offer EXTENDED
Posted by Arnold on 12/27/2013
Our exceptional holiday offer - two splendid crystal gifts in the value of $120 - is NOW EXTENDED until January 1.

Colored crystal votives for Christmas
Read More

The TOP 5 of colored crystal
Posted by Arnold on 12/19/2013
Find the TOP 5 crystal favorites of all time here!

Ajka Crystal glasses
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Bittersweet for Fall - Amazing Tablescapes
Posted by Arnold on 12/7/2013
The author of Entertaining Women is back! Look at her fabulous tablescapes using - among others - Ajka crystal wine goblets.

Thank you, Cherry Kay!

Ajka Crystal Arabella glasses
Read More

Get in the Mood: Our Christmas Special
Posted by Arnold on 11/7/2013
Let us make you feel all "Christmassy": watch the new video and don't miss the offers!
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Inside the Christmas boxes
Posted by Arnold on 10/15/2013
The spirit of Christmas appears in our first Colored Crystal Christmas slide show. See what's inside the boxes!
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Entertaining Women is our guest
Posted by Arnold on 10/14/2013
Lots of inspiring pictures of how to work miracles with a crystal glass collection.

Ajka Crystal Arabella glasses
Read More

Off your Christmas list: Get the Free Gifts Now - $120 Value - OFFER EXTENDED UNTIL JANUARY 1
Posted by Arnold on 10/4/2013
It may be a little ahead of time, but it is definitely good news: we have our Christmas gifts ready for you! Have a look and pick your favorite FREE crystal pieces.


Crystal gifts for Christmas
Read More

New sources of light
Posted by Arnold on 10/2/2013
Hot off the glassmaking workshop: four new crystal votive holders to make the light of Christmas shine bright. Surprise: they will be FREE!

Christmas lights
Read More

Colored crystal is rare and valuable
Posted by Arnold on 9/13/2013
Hand-made lead crystal glassware is special enough as it is, but the technique of adding color to it makes cased, colored crystal a rare and precious find. Why?

Cadence blue whiskey glass
Read More

Make it personal
Posted by Arnold on 9/3/2013
Names, dates, short messages or even the patterns of your choice make the crystal glassware you order even more special. See how!

Crystal engraving
Read More

Colored crystal for real
Posted by Arnold on 8/29/2013
You won't need glasses to view these 3D photos. Check them out and believe your own eyes!

3D glasses
Read More

Summer cocktails are here to cool you down
Posted by Arnold on 8/13/2013
With cocktail recipes!
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Episode Four: Weddings
Posted by Arnold on 7/24/2013
It's summer time, the time of weddings! We have a new selection of crystal glasses for the most special day. Watch the video.
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Episode Three: Crystal bowls
Posted by Arnold on 7/9/2013
Find the one that belongs to you... Watch the slide show of crystal masterpieces.
Read More

Episode Two: Crystal Vases
Posted by Arnold on 6/25/2013
In our brand new series of slide shows, the second one is of an amazing variety of lead crystal vases.
Read More

Episode One: Crystal Glasses
Posted by Arnold on 6/20/2013
In our brand new series of slide shows, this first one is for the admirers of delicate crystal glasses.
Read More

Can you guess what pate de verre means
Posted by Arnold on 6/12/2013
Find out and let yourself be charmed by delicate crystal figurines.
Read More

The legendary eggs
Posted by Arnold on 5/29/2013
The fascinating story of the multi-million dollar Fabergé eggs.
Read More

Crystal and the latest home decor trends
Posted by Arnold on 5/20/2013
A 135 year-old crystal manufacturer is ready to keep up with new design trends!
Read More

The secrets of wine glasses
Posted by Arnold on 5/6/2013
Who would have thought? Last month, the collection of crystal glasses was the most popular page on our website.
Read More

Handmade colored crystal at interior design exhibition
Posted by Arnold on 4/30/2013
The renowned Ajka Crystal will have four special collections of genuine lead crystal pieces on display at an interior design trade fair and exhibition.
Ajka Crystal at interior exhibition
Read More

Spring hit: Orange flowers
Posted by Arnold on 4/24/2013
Do you know what colors dominate this year’s flower arrangements? We’ll give you a hint.
Orange flowers
Read More

Lead crystal at Miss International charity event
Posted by Arnold on 4/16/2013
World fame: Ajka Crystal vase at international beauty pageant.
Ajka Crystal charity event
Read More

Good news for safe shopping
Posted by Arnold on 3/20/2013
We are glad to announce that our website has become an even safer place to do shopping or just browse through beautiful lead crystal stemware.

website security
Read More

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