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Camarin Colored Lead Crystal Beads in bulk for wholesale. Excellent for home warming, jewelry, party accessory, reminder, wedding souvenir.

Camarin Colored Lead Crystal Beads in bulk for wholesale. Excellent for home warming, jewelry, party accessory, reminder, wedding souvenir. - Camarin Lead Crystal Beads

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Camarin Lead Crystal Beads

Retail Price:$227.90
OUT OF STOCK - Wholesale orders only (min. 100 pieces)
Package contains100 piece(s)
Color selected Dark Ruby Red
 Light Green
 Emerald Green
 Light Blue
 Cobalt Blue

Volume OZ
Weight6.82 g
Sizediameter: 20 mm inch
AvailabilityUsually ships in 2 days. (10 days with personalized engraving.)
ManufacturerAjka Crystal Ltd.
Colorscobalt blue / dark ruby red / emerald green / amethyst purple / azzuro light blue / gold amber yellow / gold ruby red / clear / orange / pink
CodeD04 crystal beads
DescriptionCamarin crystal beads have a natural shape that makes them especially suitable for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets, pendants, souvenirs. The sprkale and shine of these lead crystal beads will catch the attention of the beholder. Excellent for home warming and as a party accessory that can be given to the guests as a great reminder of the special occasion. Crystal beads have always been regarded with high elegance and quality. These crystal beads were manufactured for wholesale. Attractively priced, they allow designers to purchase hihg quality lead crystal bead instead of plain glass beads that many of our competitors sell at the same price. These beads are available as bulk buys for wholesale. 50 kg with app. 7.000 pieces.
More informationChrildren should use the beads only with parental guidence as broken crystal may cause injuries. Available in colors of dark ruby red, orange, light green, emerald green / dark green, light blue, cobalt blue / dark blue, turquise, amethyst purple / amethyst purple, amber / yellow, pink, clear. Slight differences are to be expected. The diameter of the bead measures app. 20mm.
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Adorra Lead Crystal Beads
These crystal beads are perfect accessories for making your social events more coloful by enabling your home to glow and shine. The 24% lead oxide content make these beads sparkle and dazzle in light. Lead crystal beads are similar to rhinestones but are in most cases clearer. The high lead content results a hugher index of light refraction. Suitable for all types of quality decoration, creating harmony and a warm amosphere these beads will attract plenty of attention. The beads are packaged in sachets of 0.5 kg and in cartoon boxes. The bottom of the beads are not polished. 50 kg with app. 13.000 pieces.
Price/Item: $148.70
Adorra Lead Crystal Beads
Adorette Lead Crystal Beads
Adorette is identical in shape to Adorra, both have a hemispherical shape making it ideal for designing unique pieces of jewellery. Crystal beads are mostly chosen for their  rarity  and unrivalled brillance. Crystal beads are more expensive than common glass beads and are regarded with high elegance. The only reason why glass beads are more popular is that they are cheaper and more widely available.  These lead crystal beads have a 24% PbO content that lends them an unmatched sparkle compared to conventional glass. Excellent for all types of quality decoration or jewellery. These little crystals can add a lot of elegance to your home. Also perfect decoration  for aquariums, or terrariums. The bottom of the beads are not polished. 50 kg with app. 35.000 pieces.
Price/Item: $148.70
Adorette Lead Crystal Beads
Chamorra Lead Crystal Beads
Chamorra crystal pebbles have a shape like the stone pebbles in a fast river. These lead crystal beads have a high light refraction index due to their high leadoxide content. This substance gives the crystal beads an unmatched shine that cannot be reached by convetional glass beads. The wide variety of colors available make these lead crystal beads especially favoured by jewellery makers and  Crystal beads are somewhat similar to rhinestones, but are in most of the cases clearer, having a clear glow of a precious stone. One may decorate his/her home with these crystal pebbles, but they are also excellent to be displayed in an aquarium or terrarium. May serve as an excellent party accessory. Can be used for celebrating special events as weddings, religious occasions, birthdays, anniversaries. 50 kg with app. 8000 pieces.
Price/Item: $227.90
Chamorra Lead Crystal Beads

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