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Clear Crystal Vases

Clear crystal vases made of high quality glass and with fine craftsmanship are things of true beauty and wonder. There is something purely magical that happens when light hits the surface of a clear crystal vase; it can dazzle the eyes the way diamonds do.
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Anora Vase
The mouth blown, handcut, 24% lead crystal vase brings sparkle to the room wherever it is displayed. When backlighted on may see how precisely the cuts where made on the crystal. A wonderfully intricate pattern and a stylish shape make this crystal vase a charming gift gor the one you love.
Retail Price:$131.90
OUT OF STOCK - Wholesale orders only (min. 100 pieces)
However, to maintain the shine and luster of clear crystal vases, it is very important to care for them and keep them clean. But unlike ordinary pottery, porcelain or other types of glassware, one cannot just wipe a rag on the surface of a clear crystal vase and call it clean. If handled improperly, a clear crystal vase would soon develop spots and clinging dirt. Or worse, scratches might be formed on the surface of the crystal itself. Any such blemish would lessen the shine of what used to be a fine specimen of clear crystal glass.
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Eduarda vase
This genuine cased, mouth blown, hand cut, 24% lead crystal vase was designed to add fresh springtime accents to your home and a perfect piece for your bouquet of flowers.
Retail Price:$299.90
OUT OF STOCK - Wholesale orders only (min. 100 pieces)
How should one then care for clear crystal vases? First of all, the owner of a clear crystal vase should not clean the piece with an abrasive rag or a scouring pad. Applying such materials to the surface of the glass will only scratch and ruin it. Another thing the owner of a clear crystal vase should remember is not to give in to the temptation of putting the vase in the dishwasher. Putting clear crystal vases in the dishwasher will only cause the pieces to eventually lose their brilliance.
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Rosetta Vase
The mouth-blown, 24% lead crystal vase is an example of combining traditional crystal craftsmanship with contemporary design.
Retail Price:$479.90
OUT OF STOCK - Wholesale orders only (min. 100 pieces)
To properly clean a clear crystal vase, one should instead use moderately hot water mixed with mild lemon detergent. To clear spots or stubborn dirt and dust, a small amount of ammonia could be added to the solution. An alternative to ammonia is white vinegar or uncooked rice. A soft rag or sponge can be used to wipe the dirt away. Afterwards, the clear crystal vase should be rinsed in moderately warm water and allowed to be air-dried.
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Ursula Vase
This genuine cased, mouth-blown, hand-cut, 24% lead crystal vase represents the timeless beauty of clear crystal...
Retail Price:$491.70
OUT OF STOCK - Wholesale orders only (min. 100 pieces)
Clear crystal vases can get damaged if exposed to temperature extremes. Therefore, when the clear crystal vase has just been washed and rinsed in warm water, it should be set aside to cool off. If it is wiped dry and made to hold the cold water needed to keep cut flowers fresh, the vase might crack.
Proper maintenance of a clear crystal vase will assure its longevity for years to come.

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