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Mrs. Magda Nemeth

Artistic Director of Ajka Crystal, honored with Nivo Award

Mrs. Magda Nemeth

applied artist specialised
in cased crystal worksApplied artist Magda Nemeth has achieved dominance in the artistic direction of the factory’s production already many years ago. She is a master of sets of dishes and drinking glasses suitable for mid-scale production, functional, yet highly decorative. In addition to the profound functionalism of Magda Nemeth’s work – an example of this is her cream and sugar container – her utility glasses exhibit fine form and color and their technical ingenuity is beyond question. This is shown by the optically ornamented glasses and by the sets of goblets with hemispherical feet and colored bowls ornamented with twisted lass threads.

Her inventiveness and ingenuity have been significant in the field of cur-glass ornaments and spin glass. The products designed by Mrs. Nemeth are fine manifestations in glass, both technically and artistically following a strict system of symbols. The deep cut ornaments with geometric and floral patterns demonstrate inventiveness and sure optical knowledge, as do the stems with their impressive solutions, changing the traditional utility forms into something individual.

Her designs are partly inspired by nature, shaping flower calices and delineating fin floral lines, and partly geometrical with lines of spots and oval shapes. The so called palm leaf set (Nobile) was particularly popular. The suites designed by her are decorative yet simple set with polychrome or gilded edges and with the so called hammer ornamentation.

Mrs. Nemeth has extensive experiences with multilayer glass. In contrast to Bohemian commercial laminated glass which imitates 19th century souvenir glasses, she began to focus on geometric forms and ornamental patterns fully appropriate to both material and technique. In this respect Magda Nemeth follows an individual course, even by international standards. Looking at the products of the past decades, Ajka Crystal has established design of a craftsman-like quality hallmarked by the names of Tapio Wirkkala and Endre Szasz thanks mostly to the efforts of Magda Nemeth. This is a major achievement as the factory has to follow a path dictated by its orders.

The glass art of Ajka Crystal has been always characterized by technical variety and the flexible parallel application of hot and cold techniques. From the iridescent wine glasses of the 1880s to the cameo glass crystal products of today all techniques have been characterized by finest quality and unmatched beauty.
The works of Mrs. Magda Nemeth can or could be observed in the following exhibitions:
  • Art Glass Exhibition
    Kyoto / Japan
  • Venice Murano, Aperto Vetro
    Venice / Italy / EU
  • Exhibition of Moholy - Nagy Laszló Award Winners
    Budapest / Hungary / EU
  • Palace Podmaniczky Tableware Exhibition
    Budapest / Hungary / EU
  • Exhibition of Applied Artists with Nivo Award
    Budapest / Hungary / EU
  • Museum of Applied Arts
    33-37. Üllői str. IX. ker.
    Budapest / Hungary / EU.
    (temporary exhibition)
  • Ajka Crystal Official Company Museum
    4. Alkotmány str.
    Ajka / Hungary / EU.
    (permanent exhibition)
  • Messe Frankfurt Ambiente
    Frankfurt / Germany / EU

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