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Zsuzsa Csala

applied artist with Moholy-Nagy László Award

Ms. Csala began her studies in Szeged in Istvan Tömörkény School of Art and got her diploma in Budapest in the College of Applied Art. She works since then in the designer team of Ajka Crystal under the artistic supervision of Mrs. Magda Nemeth, the Chief designer of the factory.

Her crystal works are largely non figurative but the style often includes elements of nature like flowers and trees. “The idea is to experiment with these otherwise opposing styles and hopefully come up with something that whilst being traditionalist in foundation is also new and refreshing.

The crystal works of Zsuzsa are characterized by rigorous attention to formal elements such as color, shape, balance, depth, composition, and scale. On the artist’s decor products the cut lines and colors begin to take on an independent existence. Her lines break away creating dynamism and setting up rhythms, which act and interact across the surface.

Zsuzsa is not just an artist but she has excellent crafts skills too, knowing all the special characteristics of crystal glass that are revealed only in the hands of few.
The works of Zsuzsa Csala can or could be observed in the following exhibitions:
  • Venice Murano, Aperto Vetro
    Venice / Italy / EU
  • Exhibition of Moholy - Nagy Laszló Award Winners
    Budapest / Hungary / EU
  • Palace Podmaniczky Tableware Exhibition
    Budapest / Hungary / EU
  • Exhibition of Applied Artists with Nivo Award
    Budapest / Hungary / EU
  • Museum of Applied Arts
    33-37. Üllői str. IX. ker.
    Budapest / Hungary / EU.
    (temporary exhibition)
  • Ajka Crystal Official Company Museum
    4. Alkotmány str.
    Ajka / Hungary / EU.
    (permanent exhibition)
  • Messe Frankfurt Ambiente
    Frankfurt / Germany / EU
  • MACEF International Home Show
    Milan / Italy /EU

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    Few words about cased crystal

    If you touch a fine crystal stem manufactured in Ajka you will feel its silky smooth surface. Cased crystal is often referred to as multilayer or überfang crystal. Casing means that more than one layers of different colored crystal are bond together at a very high temperature. Then the upper layer is cut through and the clear crystal layer is revealed. That is why cased crystal is often referred to as cut-to-clear crystal. Cased crystal will feel heavy if lifted, it weighs almost twice as much as conventional soda-lime glass because of the large amount of substances used. Casing is a very labor-intensive technique that is mastered only by few.
    The cased products of Ajka Crystal have a perfect translucence, a brilliant luster and flawless clarity. Even the uneducated eye will recognize the fragility of these beautiful pieces. When tapped, fine crystal will have a beautiful ring. These distinguished characteristics of fine cased crystal make these products different from simple conventional glass. It is actually the vast amount of craftsmanship and precision work invested that makes cased crystal so precious and distinguished.
    List of Ajka Crystal designers:
    Magda Nemeth - Crystal Glass Artist »
    Zsuzsa Csala - Crystal Glass Designer »
    Katalin Piros Matusik - Crystal Glass Designer »
    Agnes Gardonyi - Art Glass Designer »
    Balazs Sipos - Pate de Verre Glass Artist »
    Melinda Nakada - Crystal Glass Artist »

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    Lorenza Crystal Votive Holder
FREE GIFT with every order! Place your order before November 18 and get this votive holder for free!
This piece of genuine lead crystal glass art with an elegantly simple pattern will help you create a festive an homey atmosphere. With or without a candle inside, it is a pleasure to look at!
Price: $89.95
    Lorenza Crystal Votive Holder

    Price: $89.95

    FREE GIFT with every order! Place your order before November 18 and get this votive holder for free!

    Arian Crystal Votive
FREE GIFT with every order! Place your order before November 18 and get this votive holder for free!
Let the Sun shine in your room through this gold amber colored sparkling crystal votive holder. Day or night, the golden glow will fill your heart with joy.
Price: $89.95
    Arian Crystal Votive

    Price: $89.95

    FREE GIFT with every order! Place your order before November 18 and get this votive holder for free!


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