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Melinda Nakada

Melinda Nakada

applied artist Between 1995 and 2000 studied at Hungarian Academy of Art and Design, Glass and Ceramics Department. Her masters were Márton Horváth, Zoltán Bohus and Károly Adorján. In 1999 through exchange program studied half year at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. During that period she prepared her diploma work with improving different techniques, such as "incalmo" ; and mixes with industrial technologies. Within the university years she got to know the possibilities of the hot glass, and by using that knowledge and touching other fields (for example music-glass instruments) created her works. Not only the research of glass blowing technologies, and reviving the forgotten methods are motivating her, but finding the harmony with the hot glass.
Member of the HungarianYoung Artist Studio.
2000 Business Life for the Nature/ the Hungarian Business Leaders Forum's trophy
2000 Kozma Lajos craft State Grant
1998 VIII. International Glass Symposion
2006 Siklós International Ceramics Symposion
Collective shows:
2001 Absolut Design, Budapest
1998 Our serving objects, Bp., Museum of Applied Art
2005 Helsinki, STOA Kauhua Kakaroille!, Horror for kids
Works on public collection:
Kaposvár, Rippl-Rónai Museum
Solo exhibition:
2005 Helsinki , Perhepaikka Hermanni:Animal Paradise -mural work

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Lorelle Old Fashioned
Special Spring Sale
This genuine cased, mouth-blown, hand-cut, 24% lead crystal old fashioned glass will attract plenty of attention on the party that you would like to make unforgettable. It is a rather heavy piece still it is stylish and elegant at the same time.
Retail Price: $107.90
Price: $53.95
Lorelle Old Fashioned

Retail Price:$107.90
Price: $53.95
You save: 50%

Special Spring Sale

Navarrete Martini Glass
Special Spring sale
This genuine cased, mouth-blown, hand-cut, 24% lead crystal martini glass is member of the Navarrete Suite and was designed to
Retail Price: $119.90
Price: $59.95
Navarrete Martini Glass

Retail Price:$119.90
Price: $59.95
You save: 50%

Special Spring sale

Averil Vase /9.8'/
Spring offer
Available only in cobalt blue now, this genuine cased, mouth-blown, hand-cut, 24% lead crystal vase is a precious gem that should be treasured over decades in the family heirloom. A beatiful gift for someone you love or for someone who just loves unique gifts.
Retail Price: $635.90
Price: $499.95
Averil Vase /9.8'/

Retail Price:$635.90
Price: $499.95
You save: 21.4%

Spring offer

Canens Cocktail Glass
Special Spring sale
The amehtyst purple colored, genuine cased, handcrafted, mouthblown, 24% lead crystal cocktail glass offers an elegant way for serving drinks straight up. This stemware adds a uniquely personal touch to cocktail parties and other festive gatherings. Designed to enhance enjoyment of cocktails like Cosmopolitan, Manhattan or Vodka Martini, the sparkling glassware makes a memorable gift for someone special.
Retail Price: $125.90
Price: $62.95
Canens Cocktail Glass

Retail Price:$125.90
Price: $62.95
You save: 50%

Special Spring sale


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