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Fine Crystal of Ajka Crystal

The crystal manufactured at Ajka Crystal is said to be unique and of exceptional quality. The fine crystal produced in Ajka is mainly purchased by large crystal wholesalers worldwide who are very careful at selecting their suppliers. The fine crystals are then offered in retail under their own label. If these crystal brands select Ajka Crystal as their manufacturer you can be sure that we offer finest quality.
Fine crystal What makes fine crystal so precious?
If you touch a fine crystal stem manufactured in Ajka you will feel its silky smooth surface. Fine crystal will feel heavy if lifted, it weighs almost twice as much as convetional soda-lime glass. The crystal goblets offered by CrystALaCarte usually weigh around 360 gramms.
Fine crystal must have a perfect translucence, a brilliant luster and flawless clarity. Even the uneducated eye will recognize the fragility of these beautiful pieces.
When tapped, fine crystal will have a beautiful ring. These distinguished characteristics of fine crystal make it different from simple conventional glass.
Fine crystal Substance
Quality is determined by the content of glass as well. To reach the unique clarity and translucency and fine edge usually lead oxide is added to the sand, ash and limestone. Depending on the lead oxide content of glass we differentiate three standards of lead content:
- 12% lead crystal (usually referred to as crystalline, very popular in Italy)
- 24% lead crystal (most popular type of crystal)
- 30% lead crystal (popular in the UK - easy to scratch because due to the high lead content this type of fine crystal is rather soft, has a dark shade)
Fine crystal Manufacturing
Fine crytal is in most of the cases manufactured by hand, although production is also possible with machines. Usually finest quality especially when manufactuirng cased or colored crystal is reached when the crystal is mouth blown and handcut.
Glass is molten at a temperature of 1420 C and a liquid lava like substance is formed. Before the glass hardens the glassblowers pull out a certain amount of material with an iron pipe and blow air in the glass. To reach the desired form the iron pipe is twisted and turned continuosly and the glowing material cools down in contact with the air inside. With the help of some necessary utensils like a wooden paddle, special scissors , calipers and tongs the glass is formed and measured by the professional craftsmen.
Fine crystal It takes about a day for the glass to cool down and then the master cutters at Ajka Crystal enhance the beauty of the fine crystal by making incisions on the surface of the glass. The cutting work will lend a glittering sparkle to these pieces of fine crystal. Enourmous amount of patience and skills are demanded to produce perfect pieces.
The result of the polishing phase is further sparkle and transparency of the crystal. The next production phases to follow are engraving (performed with a copperwheel) and etching (done with acids).
To be sure that only pieces of highest quality are leaving the factory, he crystals are being scrupulously examined in several stages of the production phase.
Fine crystal Perfection of work
In order to be able to create fine crystal items of such a unique beauty a long tradition of craftsmanship is needed. In case a fine crystal piece does not reach the standard of excellence that is expected it will be broken and molten to be reborn again in the hands of our experts.
An elegant and unique collection of fine crystal will enhance the visual treat of your table no matter whether the setting is formal or casual. It is actually the vast amount of craftsmanship and precision work invested that makes fine crystal so precious and distinguished.
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Special Offers!

Are you a great friend of top quality crystal products but also good bargains? Keep an eye on this section, we have three of the most popular pieces on sale every month!
Canens Cocktail Glass
Special Spring sale
The amehtyst purple colored, genuine cased, handcrafted, mouthblown, 24% lead crystal cocktail glass offers an elegant way for serving drinks straight up. This stemware adds a uniquely personal touch to cocktail parties and other festive gatherings. Designed to enhance enjoyment of cocktails like Cosmopolitan, Manhattan or Vodka Martini, the sparkling glassware makes a memorable gift for someone special.
Retail Price: $125.90
Price: $62.95
Canens Cocktail Glass

Retail Price:$125.90
Price: $62.95
You save: 50%

Special Spring sale

Averil Vase /9.8'/
Spring offer
Available only in cobalt blue now, this genuine cased, mouth-blown, hand-cut, 24% lead crystal vase is a precious gem that should be treasured over decades in the family heirloom. A beatiful gift for someone you love or for someone who just loves unique gifts.
Retail Price: $635.90
Price: $499.95
Averil Vase /9.8'/

Retail Price:$635.90
Price: $499.95
You save: 21.4%

Spring offer

Lorelle Old Fashioned
Special Spring Sale
This genuine cased, mouth-blown, hand-cut, 24% lead crystal old fashioned glass will attract plenty of attention on the party that you would like to make unforgettable. It is a rather heavy piece still it is stylish and elegant at the same time.
Retail Price: $107.90
Price: $53.95
Lorelle Old Fashioned

Retail Price:$107.90
Price: $53.95
You save: 50%

Special Spring Sale

Marsala Champagne Flute 
Special Spring offer
Ajka Crystal Marsala suite represents the traditional timeless beauty of cased crystal. These majestic pieces of mastercraft feature cut grapes and leaves around the bowl. The design is varied by a beautiful star and scallop cutting. The sculptured and faceted stem underlines the elegance of these cobalt blue glasses. Marsala Suite received its name from a small Italian town in Sicily famous for its excellent and rather heavy wine. The designers decided to adopt the style originally created for wineglasses for other barware models too and the result was a great success. The popular design proposes a unique toast to the lover of quality beverages of all type. Marsala Suite is ideal not only for wine lovers but for anyone with a unique personality. Genuine cased colored lead crystal glasses with the grape design, perfect crystal glass gifts from Ajka Crystal Ltd.
Retail Price: $149.90
Price: $74.95
Marsala Champagne Flute

Retail Price:$149.90
Price: $74.95
You save: 50%

Special Spring offer

Navarrete Martini Glass
Special Spring sale
This genuine cased, mouth-blown, hand-cut, 24% lead crystal martini glass is member of the Navarrete Suite and was designed to
Retail Price: $119.90
Price: $59.95
Navarrete Martini Glass

Retail Price:$119.90
Price: $59.95
You save: 50%

Special Spring sale


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