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Antique glass styled crystal bowl. Unusual and very rare piece of cameo crystal reminescent of XIXth century English cameo glass. Excellent home accessory and great gift.

Antique glass styled crystal bowl. Unusual and very rare piece of cameo crystal reminescent of XIXth century English cameo glass. Excellent home accessory and great gift. - Rigmor Bowl

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Rigmor Bowl

Retail Price:$2,394.70
OUT OF STOCK - Wholesale orders only (min. 100 pieces)
Package contains100 piece(s)
Volume OZ
Weight2650 g
Size34 cm / 13.6 inch
AvailabilityUsually ships in 2 days. (10 days with personalized engraving.)
ManufacturerAjka Crystal Ltd.
Designed byAgnes Gardonyi »
Colorsclear / opal / black
DescriptionThree layered lead crystal bowl with clear crystal base and an opaque and black crystal animal pattern in relief. Rigmor bowl is member of the Savannah series. The running zebras lend this piece a charming look. A very collcetible and highly prized crystal bowl perfected in style of antique English cameo glass.
More informationGlassmaking craft?s one of the finest and most skilled example is cameo glass. Cameo glass is a multilayered glass that is decorated with figures and forms carved through the layer so that it stands out in relief from the surface and the colored layers form the contrast of the picture. Such glassware is manufactured by blowing two or more layers of glass together. The expression cameo applies to any carving in the picture in which the picture is raised above the surrounding surface. Manufacturing takes high skills, time, patience and passion for glass and art. The earliest cameo glass pieces were made by the Romans about 2000 years ago. The Portland Vase is probably the best example from that era. At the end of the 19th century famous English and French glass artists as Northwood, Woodall, Galle, the Daums and the Muller Freres rediscovered cameo glass and made these pieces of unique glassware very popular. Today handcrafted cameo glass pieces are prized high by collectors because of the phenomenal amount of time, skills and labor to produce. Many pieces of cameo of glass are hold for pride of place in museums throughout the world.

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